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Part-Time or Full Time Financial Professional and Real Estate Professional


昌盛投資是一家多元化的理財金融服務機構,為客戶提供一站式服務; 包括財富管理和保險產品以及房地產買賣服務。我們的宗旨是使你和客戶掌握現在,造福未來,代代昌盛。而您的使命是訂造,推廣和應用創新的多種全備方案,以滿足及解決客戶的不同需求。

作為理財金融或房地產專業人士,您將有機會幫助其他人將他們的理財夢想變為現實; 對家庭,客戶,同事和社區的生活產生正面影響力。無論是設計出大學教育還是制訂退休解決方案,您的目標是為客戶訂造最好的理財規劃,使客戶昌盛。作為一名房地產經紀人,您的使命則是幫助客戶實現他們對房地產或投資的夢想。 最重要的是,您可以為自己開創輝煌事業。不論是理財或是地產,您的專業將得到 昌盛團隊的培訓和鼎力支持,讓您成為一名經驗卓越的的專家。

在您的崗位上發光發熱! 您偉大的成功是我們的驕傲!


ProShalom Investments Inc  is a diversified financial services organization which offers a one stop shop with broad portfolio of wealth management, insurance products, and real estate services. Our vision is to prosper you and your clients. Your vision is to tailor, promote and innovate a diverse range of full solutions to meet client’s needs.

As a Financial or Real Estate Professional, you’ll have the chance to help others turn their financial dreams into reality and make a positive impact on the lives of families, clients, associates and communities. Whether it’s planning for a college education or designing a retirement solution, your purpose is to propose the best plan to prosper. As a real estate agent, your goal is to help client to achieve their desired dream of a real estate property or an investment.

Ultimately, these positions offer you a great opportunity to be in charge and own a great business for yourself. Your independence will be supported by the resources and training from Proshalom team as you play a key role with the people you serve.  You will become an extraordinary specialist. We are proud of your great success. 



  • 對工作有熱情
  • 優良的溝通交流技巧
  • 高等的誠信和堅實的職業道德
  • 擁有勤勞奮勇的性格和創業精神
  • 渴望自己和幫助他人達成具體,可衡量,可實現,相應,適時的目標


  • Passion in your professional.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • High level of integrity and solid work ethic.
  • Industrious and Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Desire to help yourself and others reach S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals.
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Listing Posted: 6/19/2018